The Bakery ~ Mouth Watering Goodness


The bakery is the heart of Mary Yoder's. From the bakery comes the aroma of fresh baked bread, apple butter simmering, or pies just out of the oven. All the wonderful homemade desserts people enjoy in the dining room come fresh from our bakery.

Everyone can find his or her favorite pie at Mary Yoder's. Whether you like Dutch apple, elderberry, strawberry rhubarb, or chocolate cream, you will not be disappointed. For a complete list of pies, click here.

We have a wide variety of home baked cookies from which to choose. Favorites like chocolate chip and peanut butter are always available, or treat yourself to an almond bar or a raisin filled cookie. Cookie trays are available at Christmas, or for any special occasion. For a list of available cookies, click here.

To order our fresh baked bread, pies, or cookies, give us a call at 440-632-1939.




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